GAO Issues Important Notice About Bid Protest Filings and Procedures During Government Shutdown

As you may know, the GAO bid protest office is closed during the Government shutdown.  As a result, GAO immediately issued a notice discussing the impact of the Government shutdown on bid protest filing deadlines and procedures.  Contractors should familiarize themselves with this notice to ensure that all filing deadlines are met and all filing procedures are satisfied.  To summarize:

  • Any deadline for a protest filing from a private party that falls on a day that GAO is closed is extended to the first day that GAO resumes operations.
  • Any deadline for an agency filing may, upon request, be extended by up to one day for each day that GAO is closed.
  • Any new protest received by GAO during the time that GAO is closed will be treated as filed on the day that GAO resumes operations.
  • All filings must be made by email through
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