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The Government Shutdown’s Impact on the Federal Circuit, Court of Federal Claims and Boards of Contract Appeals

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Yesterday we posted about the impact of the Government shutdown on GAO bid protests.  Today we focus on the impact to the Boards of Contract Appeals, the Court of Federal Claims and the Federal Circuit:


  • The CBCA will remain open for the purpose of accepting filings from parties during the Government shutdown.  Importantly, any statutory limitations on the time within which a filing may be made will not be waived or tolled during this period.
  • The ASBCA Recorder’s Office will remain open to accept filings.
  • The Court of Federal Claims will continue to hear and decide cases without interruption, and does not expect to issue continuances based on the lapse or anticipated lapse of appropriated funds and will adhere to schedules currently in effect.
  • The Federal Circuit will remain open and provide all normal judicial business functions through October 11, 2013.